Doctoral Student Research Day 24 may 2018


(Please note that all the presentations will be in French)

9h30 : Welcome session

10h : Opening speech by Magda TOMASINI, director of Ined


10h15-12h00 : Migration : professional careers and politicisation of racialisation

President : Mathieu ICHOU (Ined)

Louise CARON : The effects of an international mobility on professional trajectorie: The case of France

Discussant : Sorana TOMA (CREST, Ensae)

Élodie DRUEZ : The national resources of politicisation of racialisation among graduates of Subsaharan origins in France and the UK

Discussant : Marion CARREL (Cmes, EHESS)


12h00-14h00 : Lunch Break


14h00-16h30 : (De)formation of norms at different ages of life: sexuality, conjugality and dependence

President : Marion LETURCQ (Ined)

Marie MENGOTTI : The distinction between reproduction and sexuality in teaching the transmission of human life in schools: from school curricula to the contents of SVT textbooks.

Discussant : Marie BERGSTRÖM (Ined)

Benjamin MARTEAU : Break-up of union and recomposition of the household among young adults in Belgium

Discutant : Michel ORIS (Université de Genève, CIGEV), Arnaud Régnier-Loilier (Ined)

Amélie CARRÈRE : Qu’est-ce qui explique les disparités régionales de l’institutionnalisation en cas de dépendance en France?

Discussant : Agnès GRAMAIN (BETA, Université de Lorraine)


16h30 : Closing address France GUÉRIN-PACE, director of the doctoral and post-doctoral delegation of Ined


Organizing committee: Marie-Caroline Compans, Yajna Govind, Tania Lejbowicz, Adama Ouedraogo, Soumaïla Ouedraogo. 

Location : Salle Sauvy, Ined, 133 Bd Davout, 75020 Paris